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What We Do

It is well known that NCAA Student-Athlete-Recruiting has strict regulations that prohibit recruiters to contact students during certain classifications years; all depending on the sport and gender of the athlete. However, athlete's senior year in high school is where 71% of recruiting activity takes place. What this means is that there is a fairly small window to scout and recruit talent. The secondary issue is exposure. There are relatively over 400,000 students enrolled in 1,300 universities, playing 23 sports under the NCAA.

How does one student stand out amongst the many prospects in their sport? Further, what happens if a student's talent is undiscovered due to their geographic location? This is where Division I,II,III is key. One could easily spend endless hours searching, contacting, and paying for resources to develop leads - or, one could make matters stress-free by enrolling in our easy, affordable, and success-driven full service sports training programs.

Our slogan, "When the scouts are not out for you, we bring you to them!" is self-indicative of what our company can offer you or your athlete. At Division I, II, III we represent over a dozen student-athletes to maximize their athletic potential and provide an unmatched transition, whether it be secondary to collegiate or post-collegiate to semi-pro or professional athletics.
We provide sports training, education, and nutrition programs for an array of sports: baseball, basketball, football, and track and field, to name a few. If you are a parent or student who is unsure of how to take your sportsmanship to the next level, let us offer our video recording and editing services to highlight you at your best. Our video services are offered in multi-level packages to suit your needs, ensuring that everything from the field to the gym is recognized!

Why Us? 56% of parents invest money in their children from little league to their senior year in high school, however, due to a lack of exposure, these students are not offered scholarships. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between exceptional athleticism and collegiate underexposure, to provide our athletes the best scholarship opportunities available. At Division I, II, III our mission is honest and simple: "We provide professional training programs and recruiting services for young athletes, so parents and colleges don't have to." Are you ready for "The 1,2,3 Challenge?" Contact us for more information regarding our sports training programs.