Q: What if my son/daughter is not offered an athletic scholarship after completing your program?

A: Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our program represents some of the best talent that we are confident will be most attractive to recruiters. Although we cannot guarantee scholarships, we work overtime to get an agreement on your behalf.

Q: What colleges will my son/daughter be exposed to?

A: Our database includes over 100 schools nationwide, however, depending on the sport your son/daughter is involved in and the advancement of their skill set, this number will vary greatly.

Q: Can we request for our son/daughter to only be exposed to colleges within our state?

A: This is certainly a viable option, but we strongly suggest that we do not limit your son or daughter's scholarship opportunities to your state exclusively. We will find the best school to represent your athlete, from coast to coast.

Q: Are there any payment plans available for your program(s)?

A: Yes! Please Contact us for more details.

Q: I do not want my son/daughter to have a heavy weight intensive workout, are there other options for he/she?

A: As our workout plans are customized to each individual athlete, we can opt to more resistance training options that challenge the athlete's muscles without lifting weights at all.

Q: What is your training schedule for all students?

A: We have many packages available that are conveniently scheduled around work and school schedules. Please Contact us for more details.